Friday, March 16, 2007

Look Before You Leap

The blue sky of early morning washed away to a ceiling of gray, which was ashame as another photographer came today to walk with us, and he did not see our splendid ginger coats glow with the light of sunshine. To the top of the hill we went then down to the cliffs, and Elmo decided to see what was over the edge of the steep steep cliff and jumped.
She was worried as She peered over the edge, muttering things about helicopter rescues and lifeboats, and Elmo was nowhere to be seen. Then he climbed up to the path again and peered over the edge to see what everyone was looking for. Danger Cat!
We all took turns climbing up the coast path sign because photographers like that. Good for sharpening claws on.
And when Hannah came home from the vets, or wherever it is she goes in the daytime, she hugged him tight for loving him and having him home and safe.

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