Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Early morning, evening walking.

In the morning we creep, into Her room where She sleeps. She is alone. She is dirty because She does not groom herself properly. She does not lick her coat clean, but sits in water and pretends to be clean, so we lick Her face, and She purrs to us, She is so pleased. "Get off," She purrs, so we lick her more. "Go away'" She says, so we climb in under the sheets and curl up close.
All day She is tired and grumpy and mutters about painting not going well. In the evening we decide it is time She walked so we put restless thoughts into her mind.

All day we have rested in sun soaked places drinking up the warmth with our fur. It is tiring looking after Her. Now the cold of night nips at the edges of the day. Things hide in bushes. We hear them. We smell them. Together we will get them.

As the sun sinks into the sea again for another day we walk the paths to home.

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