Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Small pleasures and the thoughts of cats, on coffee, the wind and laps.

She was a devil to wake this morning! Not only did we scritch scratch at the door, we had to go around outside in the cold and the wind and sritchety scratchety on the freshly painted windows. That seemed to do the trick, though She was not most polite when She let us in! Someone got out of the wrong side of the bed at 5.30!
We ate while She made that bitter stuff that two legs drink, then I sat on Her book in a most charming way. Just the right sized pages for a small-and-ginger.

In the early morning the darkness holds on tight to the world and will not let the day begin. Outside the wind is strong, bending the tree and stripping away wind burned leaves. The wind finds ways into the house and we wonder why She does not light the fire. But we find that if you run around the house very fast it is possible to stay warm.

So we huddle together for warmth.
When the builders came She bought them a big pot of coffee. It was to be hoped that by the time they reached the end of it they would be working somewhere else, making someone else's house fill with the fine dust that seems to follow them everywhere. They are on the third massive pot of coffee now and still here.
We are looking forward to an ending to all this upheaval, a fire, and a warm lap.


Griffin said...

Oh good grief! 5:30!!! You little horrors getting Her up out of a warm bed at that time of morning! At least you had the good grace to look your usual gorgeous selves.

There is certainly nothing like a bit of exercise now and then either to warm you up. I could do with a lap-cat during lectures when I'm note-taking!

Lovely picture of Max too, I didn't realise he had that white blaze on his chest.

dinahmow said...

Ah,yes, the proper time for breakfast.

Sandra said...

The way the windows are set in would indicate that the walls are very thick. How thick are they, and how old is the house? It is looking more and more charming with each new picture - a cozy home fit for cats and dogs and two legs.

Lydia said...

Well, if one must wake up that early it is best to do so in a house full of cats.

Bovey Belle said...

Ah, a proper kitchen and a real home with multiple cats on laps, chairs, cushions and wherever there's a space.

Anonymous said...

What is it with reddish cats and early mornings? Lynx woke me up before five this morning just to show how much he loves me... I was not thrilled.

Sunday Lynx, Leopardess and Tiny Cat decided they wanted breakfast before six... I really miss Li'l Kitty and Her Supreme Catesty who were more dormant in the mornings. Nowadays they let dragonprincess sleep late in the mornings :)

Three cats in a Lair is really too few.

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

I think a fire is in order. The grass was crunchy underfoot here this morning. Never a good thing.

Steph said...

Yes those windows ! Our ancient cottage has walls 3 feet thick too. Empty for 7 years, we are breathing life into it as you are yours. It is starting to smile as I am sure yours is, as you listen to its suggestions and follow the flow of line and dent and crack...I approve of your taste !

The Curious Cat said...

Oh cats I love you! You delight me with every entry. Poor mistress - 5.30! My mum knows that feeling with our lot. Lots of grumbling and yelling too! :) Like that crow statue as well - very cool! xxx

Angie said...

You are so hansome Max ...we are so alike, we could be brothers. Sadly I lost my own brother many years ago when he was only 18 months, from a stroke but I will never forget him. One of you is his twin ... sorry about not working out the name. The vet always said he was not a Ginger but was a Red Tabby and I can see from the strong Tabby marks that is the case with one of you striking.

My human never seems to want to get up as she sits tapping until the early hours.We send up my sister Madison ...she is swift of paw and sharp of claw. She can penetrate the thickest of douvets, when human groans and tries to hide.

Love your home ...your human has done you proud. Take care of Maurice ...make sure he lives his life to the full.
Purrs .... Sid

Jennifer Rose said...

5:30! o.0

love the leaping picture, so graceful

hmm make sure the coffee isn't decaf, extra strong would get the builders working faster ;)

Morning's Minion said...

The kitchen is looking so homey, and cats, of course, are the finishing touch to any setting.
We hope you have a fire soon and plenty of warm rugs and quilts.

Sandies' Patch said...

Oh Maurice! You poor Ginger!
Our 2 legs once looked after 2 gingers until they could have good homes to go to. One had all his teeth out, but went to a very loving home. The other, a petite lady Ginger, went to a fabulous home with all Gingers, 6 altogether!
2 legs once had a fabulous long haired boy called Sidney, he used to jump up her front and put his paws around her neck, chirruping as he leapt up and then mewing into her neck. He was only 6 yrs old when he developed a paralysis of his spine with much pain and the worst thing, not being able to (or knowing when he)should use the tray, very embarrassing for such a beautiful boy. Barely a day goes by when 2 legs recalls his memory. So we keep her on her toes and bring her mice and voles and long forgotten bits of scrunched up paper. She gets so excited with our antics!
Maurice, you could not have a better 2 legs to look after you! xxx Katie, Rosie and Harry x from Bobby dog too.

petoskystone said...

well, winter-change must needs an increase in eating! 5.30 is as good a time as any to start! lovely crow statue. wish my cats were easy enough with each other to eat from 2 plates....the scarlet cooker remains a lovely thing.

Val said...

Younger generation... typical ...there's just no respect for painted window frames these days...none (humans aren't so keen on redesigning the furniture either my goodness it makes them grumpy but after sustained work they just sigh and eventually give up)

(elder daughter wishes to remind the furry ones that when exercising indoors ...wall of death variety..please avoid using humans as part of the race track as it hurts)

luanne said...

your new kitchen looks so cozy, especially with the lovely warm red cooker! sending starry good wishes for encouraging news about maurice tomorrow, and hope that he'll breathe easier near your heart & hearth in the weeks to come.

Ev said...

Dear gingers, your human is on the right track with the builders, keep feeding them strong caffeine and with luck they will work much faster. Try not to damage the paintwork and "chasing aliens" is by far the best way to stay warm.