Sunday, October 11, 2009

Elbowing my way onto the cat blog again!

A quick update on Maurice.
On Thursday Maurice and I went to the vets and saw Kath who hadn't had time to see his xray but had spoken to both Tori and Moira. It seems that his xray was inconclusive. Kath gave him an antibiotic and it seemed to clear his breathing so that he no longer looks like a pair of bellows. There is still a problem, still a couple of areas on the xray that are difficult to explain, but his breathing has eased and he looks so well in coat and condition, bless him.
So now we just have to wait a while and see how he is and enjoy each moment.
The cats are all making the most of the new kitchen, which they think has been redesigned especially as a cat gym for them!
And we would all like to say thanks for all the support we have been shown so far, for all the sharing of stories, for everything.
Jackie (otherwise known as She, or The Cats' Mother)


Narrative jewelry said...

Thank you Jackie to share news from beloved Maurice with us, so far, as you say. Enjoy each minute with him, and let him know, all my thoughts and prayers are for him.

With love,


Morning's Minion said...

It is a delight that you have shown us the ups and downs of the remodeling, the joys and woes of the animals, the satisfactions and frustrations of your work as artist/author/creator. It is a nearly physical pang when I read of illness in the ranks.
Cats don't miss an opportunity to explore and take over. Apparently several here have gotten bored with days of snow limited visibility through the windows--it has been plant dumping time.

trash said...

The community feeling is my favourite part about blogging.

Daisy said...

I am so glad that Maurice is breathing easier now.

Deb Morse said...

This is good news! And a signal to us all to put greater emphasis on intuition and less on even the most objective data, which is so frequently 'inconclusive'. Perhaps it is a resolving pneumonia, or resolving pleurisy, or resolving who knows what. Key word: resolving. His coat is good, his eyes are bright, his spirit is lively... he's good, Jacks, he's good. Keep your one wish in place.... it's a powerful spell.

Griffin said...

I do hope Maurice will be alright. Glad that he isn't breathing like a bellows and looks and seems good. It must be very stressful for you too when he's such a gorgeous cat.

Ah, but lucky cats to have such a mother!... and their very own gym too. What other Cat's Mother would provide a gym especially for her cats?!

Alistair said...

Hello She.
Good new perhaps. Time will tell but in the meantime its absolutely the right thing to live in the moment with Maurice and to enjoy doing that.

The last thing he or you need is to turn this into a catablog of disaster.

I have thought of you and Maurice and his troubles even though to be honest I prefer my gingers to be dark chocolate covered normally.

I'll let Jess and Bailey know the news.


Ikaika said...

Jackie, we are so happy to hear that Maurice is breathing better and things are getting back to normal in Gingerland. Purrs still coming your way from across the pond ...

'Kaika and his mom

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

wonderful news, I'm so pleased you made a new cat play area for them as well:)

verobirdie said...

Thanks for the update on Maurice. I keep my fingers crossed that he keeps on improving.

Anonymous said...

Hi GingerKingdom
Wonderful news! I think Maurice has been getting a lot of cat prayers--hang in, all! Pray and ply the antibiotics!

Unknown said...

Yes, thank you for keeping us up to date. These furry little beings quickly become so important to us!
Our own Spontaneous is soaking up sunshine in a chair right next to me, she always seems to know when we need her.

NAL said...

Ahhhh - that's encouraging news about Maurice!

Will continue to send positive energy to you all!


Ann said...

When I was going through chemotherapy for lymphoma, and was at my worse, all of our five furry companions would gather near and purr and nudge-sort of a prayer I think and very comforting-and now it is our time to do the same for one of our best friends-through bad and good-so delighted to hear that Maurice is doing better-thank you for sharing-Angie

Jackie Morris said...

When I found out how ill Maurice was, potentially, I was unsure how to approach it on the cat blog, but not for long. So much that is written here is what our lives are like, myself, the cats and the three dogs too.
I realised very early on that Maurice was very special.
I had thought that at some time I would have to face a parting from him. At 48 I would hope to outlive him, but only because a cat's life is shorter than a human one.
I do not have false hope but at the moment he seems well, his breathing is easier and I am so so lucky that Kath who is our vet is also a good friend.
Tomorrow she is coming here to give Maurice an anti biotic injection. I have to go away to work for a few days. Not a good time to do so, but he does seem so very fit and well.
So, when I get back we will walk again through the autumn and take what time we can together and see what life holds for us all.

Laura J. Wellner (author pseudonym Laura J. W. Ryan) said...

Thanks for sharing your news about Maurice, poor fellow, I'm glad he's responding to the meds, and may not be in such dire straits. Good fur, bright eyes, and happy spirits are always a good sign (ratty looking cats with sorry looking peepers hiding under the bed is not a good sign.) I'll continue to keep my fingers crossed, and save a special wish for a falling star.

Remodeling houses is always such a "joy"'s a love/hate thing, the inconvenience is a drag, but the result is always rewarding once it's over and the dust finally settles...and then one day, it's almost as if nothing happened. My furry children were very curious when we gutted the kitchen and bathroom of our old farmhouse...floor and all, the room was turned into a crater in less than twenty four hours! (The new sub-floor was down by the next day, but the plumbing took a week.) Of course, the cats think it's been done just for them! And they like to "help" too!

Give Maurice a special hug from me, and of course, hug the rest of the pride too!

Angie said...

So glad the news is more posative.It looks as though it might be some sort of infection but if not it is not so adavanced and there will be more time for walks and strokes ...and Treats.

my croft said...

hooray for "inconclusive" and "breathing better" !!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope Deb is right about the "resolving" part and that Maurice continues to improve.

love and purrs from
and Halloween, and Patches, and Beau, and (newly found of them all) Stella

anne said...

I am sad that Maurice is poorly and that it might be something very serious. But it seems that it might not be so bad.

Like everyone else says, continue to live in the moment. I have lost 3 cats over the years, it is hard but it is part of the deal when you love another being.

And it is about time I told you I love reading about the Ginger cats and Rosie and Glyn and everyone else who features here, and all the happenings. Great to hear the cats love the new kitchen!

Thank you to you all.

Bovey Belle said...

I do hope this is a lasting and improving "positive" for Maurice after the recent "inconclusive" x-ray. The fact his breathing has improved is a good sign. The cats here say they are sending Reiki (cats - after all - invented Reiki . . .)

Christine said...

I am very happy for beautiful Maurice, his siblings, dogs and Jackie.

♥Da fambly kitties♥ said...

Keeping your little one close to our heart in thought and PURRayer for a quick and uneventful recovery. Speaking of kitchens, Camille Suzanne just moved into her new kitchen aPAWtment.

petoskystone said...

:) good news indeed! may the ginger coats ever glow.

June said...

Please give Maurice and all the others gentle hugs from their unknown Auntie June. Better breathing and a healthy coat are Good Signs!

Lyn said...

Thank you for letting us know. I kept looking for a post from the cats, they are so enjoying this autumn weather to busy to post I guess!
So glad Maurice is improving and he will be in out thoughts.
Lyn and Lucy

Mary said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that all will turn out fine for Maurice. A friend's kitty had something that sounds similar...turned out to be a fungus in the lung. Antibiotics/steroids did the trick.

Judy said...


Thanks for news on Maurice glad it is not quite as gloomy with more hope. I thought of him this morning when i talked to my cat (nothing like Maurice)I love your tales of your cats, thank you again.

Anonymous said...

Really delighted to read that Maurice's breathing is better:-)
Maybe the poor lad is still getting over the last of the cat flu your guys had earlier this year & investigated/breathed in something he shouldn't have during the building works.
The steroids/antibiotics given to
Maurice by the vet sounds very similar to how we asthmatic humans are treated after a bad attack.
So here's hoping that Maurice's poor chest clears up -or at worst it simply turns out to be something that can be treated with occasional medication.

Teri and her Stylish Cats said...

Good to hear that Maurice is feeling and looking better. He's got a good healthcare team looking after him!