Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cold rain is falling.

Rain beats hard on the roof. All cats gather together, a pool of warm ginger. We wait for Her to light the fire, but so far She does not.
Maurice continues to breath like a bagpipe playing a fast tune. We will know more on Thursday.
At least we now have a roof for the rain to beat on!


Cherry Blossom Girl said...

Sending you and Maurice good thoughts!

Morning's Minion said...

Poor Maurice--he doesn't know what is happening to him--why he can't breathe. Sad for the humans who love him and fear for him.

NAL said...

Hello Jackie and Gingers!

I feel your heartbreak as my own, as I feel as if Maurice were one of my own.

May Thursday bring encouraging news - am sending all the positive energy I can muster!

Librarynan said...

A nice warm cuddle of cats and the sound of rain on the roof; truly peaceful and timeless. Our family of four cats, the dogs, and She sit in our cozy house, listening to the rain on our tin roof. Your family is warm and dry under your new slate roof. Families-the-same-but-different and all holding good thoughts for Maurice's comfort.

This is a difficult time, and Maurice will help everyone know how to handle it. We must trust him and help him to help us.

Lyn said...

Sending Maurice warm and positive thoughts.
All our love from Yorkshire
Lyn, Hubby and Lucy