Saturday, October 17, 2009

A postcard home.

Dear Cats,
Hoping that all is well with you and that you are keeping an eye on the builders. Cheltenham is full of autumn, golden leaves that flutter down to the ground to land, leaves that you would love to chase and that would compliment your beautiful ginger fur with their golden contrast.
I have seen no cats here so far, though there is a fountain with horses.
I miss you all.
I have dragons to paint today. Yesterday I told children all about you and how Pixie and I will be doing a book together and I wonder if Pixie will be invited to festivals to curl up and sleep and dream to show how she got the inspiration for her book. Maybe not. It is busy with cars and people and husstle and busstle and maybe not the best place for a cat. The best place for a cat is at home and soon I will be baack and can tell uou of ny adventures while you curl on my lap and purr your adventures to me. I look forward to that moment.
Yours, Jackie


your Pixie said...


Morning's Minion said...

Our cats seem to miss us so much when we are away--anyone who doesn't have that bond with pets thinks us foolish that we can't bear to leave them.
I hope that all will be well when you return home--the house building complete, the rooms warm and inviting for cats, dogs--and humans.

Angel Simba said...

How nice of Jackie to send you kitties a postcard! My folks never do that :-(

I hope Maurice is doing a bit better.

Librarynan said...

No one sends us postcards either... but we wait for Her to come back, and eventually She does. We look out the windows, except Little Brother who goes down in the lane to have Adventures, and tumble all on her lap at once when she comes back. Sometimes She will have her tea on the couch in front of the fire so we all have room to cuddle, purr and have some talk and chin petting. We like that.

All of us hope Maurice is still breathing better with his medication, and that Pixie's sniffy nose is better as well.

Becky said...

Cheltenham is indeed beautiful on these crisp autumn days - I generally go round gaping at trees a lot, wondering at the gorgeous colours. Shame your events at the lit fest are just for children - I'd have loved to come and paint a dragon!

The Curious Cat said...

Ah! I bet they are really missing you! I hope you are having a good time though!

My mum went away once and the cat really was not happy. He made his point by pooing on her pillow. Not to worry you or anything.