Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Rosie's menu, or red handed.

It has been a while since I have confessed. Now seems like a good time.
Of late I have been mostly eating:
A biro
A notebook in which was written stories by Her ( in the dog house for that one!)
A shoe
or maybe two
A compact disc case
or maybe a few
A wrapper for a chocolate bar
A sweet or maybe more
Some bread
Some biscuits
Dog food
Cat food
Sheep poo
Rabbit poo
A rubber ball
Some paper bags
Hannah's camera (well, a small part of it and just as well it wasn't Her's or I would be skinless now!)
A box
A wooden spoon
A stick
A boot
Some coal
A blue bear
The leg of a chair
The ink cartridge from a computer 9hmmm... tasty!)
A black pen
And a blue pen.
I think it was the blue pen that gave it away.
Caught, blue pawed.


Buskitten said...

Why has Rosie turned blue? Is she cold?

Jackie Morris said...

I was working at the computer and all was quiet, but for the clack clack of a small dogs paws on the stair step. Peace again, then down she came, all covered in ink, and upstairs a pen lay chewed and split and splintered. Rosie looked up with her puppy dog eyes and her cutest puppy dog smile.
"It wasn't me, " she said, "it was Kiffer."

Karen L R said...

I have a button that says "bad dog, no biscuit". I used to wear it when I went along as a chaperone on field trips with school groups. Seeing naughty Rosie's paws made me think of it. But then, Rosie is so CUTE and naughty, it is hard not to grin! Silly pup. Karen

Anonymous said...

( it's my cat's comment )

Horseartist said...

I love the Rosie's menu posts. They always make me smile. It just shows how much we love these creatures that share our lives... that we put up with their foibles.


meemsnyc said...

You got caught "blue handed"! Uh-oh.

Hazel said...

Well Rosie was caught blue handed!

Please, please tell her not to go anywhere near peoples choccies as that is very very bad for doggies - even Rosie!

Anonymous said...

Kiffer? Yeah, right. I bet Kiffer's asleep on Rosie's bed!

(How's Pixie?)

Anonymous said...


Morning's Minion said...

Nice to hear from Rosie again. I see her eating habits haven't changed for the better. Its a good thing these dear creatures know how to be charming.
You have created a concerned following for your pets with beautiful photos and insightful words. We feel as though we know them and wait anxiously for word of their well-being.
I so hope that Pixie will be thriving soon--and that Rosie never eats anything her cast iron tummy can't handle.

Unknown said...

Those naughty dogs always try to blame their transgressions on sweet, innocent feline darlings. It's about time one 'fessed up!

quiltcat said...

Oh Rosie, not only did you eat bad things and things that shouldn't be eaten, you tried to put the blame on Kiffer!! You're gonna cost your mom a fortune if you have to have your stomach operated on!

Griffin said...

No wonder she looks a) stuffed and b) not too well! I don't suppose it's cos she's blue-blooded? No, I thought not... still I tried.

Cutest puppy dog smile and stomach of steel!

Nan and =^..^= said...

When I read about the chewing of the pen, I was amazed for just before I read it, my husband, D, got a call from one of his computer people ( D goes to people's homes to help them use their computers) that his dog had chewed a ball point pen and there were big patches of black ink on his white carpet and also all over his dog's mouth!

Our cat Brody loves to eat plastic but never ink pens!

Anonymous said...

OH, rosie, please be careful what you eat, our friends dog, Judy (a Rosie lookalike) had to go to the vet as she was off colour. She was x-rayed, and a foreign object was identified, on operating, two 50p pieces were found there. Sadly, Judy didn't survive the operation. (Happier ending was that after a suitable time for mourning,they aquired not one, but TWO puppies (same breed again, they must be mad!)

Joanna Dover said...

Naughty Rosie!! At least the pretty blue colour matches with the lovely quilt she is sitting on!
I had a dog who used to steal eggs (raw) from the kitchen surface whilst I was out. I'd come home to egg shells on the rug!
And once when I was out,she stole twelve frozen sausages (yes, frozen) from the kitchen surface and ate them all.
When I got home - the sausages were gone, and I had two dogs - I looked at them both and one was fine and the other was shivering terribly and apon closer inspection had a very large cold tummy!
Needless to say, the following day was a poo fest!

Estorbo said...