Friday, March 13, 2009

War of the dog bed escalates

Cat's in the dog bed
Where you going to go?
On to the sofa'
No, no, no.

Floss: Do you think She has noticed the mud bit?
Rosie: Shush. I think She's looking at us. Anyway, mud bit is from Her boots. Sand bit is from me.


ChrisJ said...

So glad Mr. Williams is still OK. I look at your dog photos and wish I had a dog too. Hubby would have a fit, because I can't walk too well, so guess who would have to do it. That and picking up after their 'doings'.

Anonymous said...

Shhhhhhh ... we wont say anything about the mud bits if you don't!

Sharon said...

Love your little poem & LOVE the sweet photo of your dogs:)

petoskystone said...

how can you argue with such handsome faces?

quiltcat said...

*hee hee* Floss and Rosie on the new couch! and no blanket to hide the mud bits!

NAL said...

Too funny!
But then dogs and sofas are, in my experience, a good match!

Floss and Rosie: You had no choice - you are outnumbered by the ginger darlings, after all!