Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Promises of dreams.

It is still. No street light orange disturbs the silver moonlight night. Clouds dapple the sky. Stars are dimmed by moon's brightness. No wind disturbs the sleeping birds as they huddle in branches budding with spring blossoms. The sea sings her distant shore song. A fox hunts geese, putting them to flight in the silver night. Their alarm call rings like a bell across the land and is answered by the goodnight song of Fred, Rosie's brother as he sings her a lullaby across the moor, over fields of daffodils. She lifts her head to listen and her nose reads the night like eyes read words on a page.
The geese settle. Moonshadows move across the path where each stone, each blade of grass is etched in silver light. The starlight barking serenade mingles with the song of the sea as we walk back into the house where the fire glows.
The night is peaceful, beautiful and bursting with promises of dreams.
Tomorrow begins The Hare Moon.


ChrisJ said...

Oh how beautiful. It's almost as if I were there. I do so love your descriptions -- sights and sounds and almost smells and soft touches.

Griffin said...

Wonderful. The night barking reminds me of the 101 Dalmations where the dogs communicate across England by the night barking.

NAL said...

Ah, serenity! Beautiful word images!

What is the Hare Moon? Please do tell!


Anonymous said...

after a day of undulating peevishness i am tired, ready for bed and glad to of found this post. perhaps i will dream of night geese sounding with the sea...

NAL said...

Did a lttle Googling - the Full Moon of March is known as the Hare Moon.

And here is a link to a wonderful pic of a sculpture of a Moon Gazing Hare -