Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A treat.

Someone has been sending Her flowers again. What, I say, is wrong with a bunch of mice with their tails tied together? Left in the right place it can be thoughtful and romantic. Take Annie. Queen of cats both wild and tame. Her cat put one in her handbag just before she went on a long train journey to Bristol. How kind is that! Imagine, trundling along feeling a bit peckish, put your paw in a bag and out comes a fresh mouse.
These flowers are from Her favorite flower shop in Haverfordwest where they always do something wonderful with ribbons. But they don't do bunches of mice, and anyway, even if they did we are better at arranging mice ourselves. But not flowers.


quiltcat said...

Hi there...hey you guys, be careful, when hoomans get romantic that means lotsa visiting and they spent time looking into each other's eyes and holding paws and all that mushy stuff. Oh, and we love to (re)arrange flowers. We highly recommend just pull on the flower with your teeth. And tear off a buncha petals. Very artistic!

your friends and admirers,
quiltcat's Cats

Anonymous said...

We do not have many mice, but last week, The Man found a mouse in the door panel of his old car. He thinks it was a dormouse.
Don't chew those lilies - they are very poisonous!

Griffin said...

It was very lucky of Annie to have a fresh mouse snack... and for free too. I am sure she appreciated it in the proper human manner...!

The Dutchess said...

Very funny cat trick..moussies in handbags,always works..

Anonymous said...

r,s and p said: "Don't chew those lilies - they are very poisonous!" - it's true, they are poisonous - especially to puddy tats!!!

Estorbo said...

Maybe you Geengers an' Tabby can star' geeft beesnees por cads: bonches ob mize, bouquets ob rads and geeft baskets ob...FEESH! Nard to mention fresh cadneep drorgs een leedle parts or peellows.

Hombre! You weell be reech!