Thursday, November 6, 2008

Artist's model, fiddle player.

Max has been in many books, We Are All Born Free, How the Whale Became, Little One We Knew You'd Come and most especially Singing to the Sun, but he does not often feature on the blog for the house of gingers. He does little but pose for paintings and curl in cupboards dreaming. So he was very pleased when asked to help the publisher for Singing to the Sun to road test, or as we say, claw test, a new feature on their website. As a result Max now has his own blog.
As bloggers of experience we find the layout a bit strange, but are helping Max, and would welcome feedback, so if you have time go along for a look. To read some of the posts including the biog where She goes on a bit about herself you have to click on the bits that say "read more".
And meanwhile here is a picture of Max doing what he likes best, playing lullabies to mice, from Can You See a Little Bear.


Griffin said...

As a life model for art students among other things, you are a lot lovelier to draw than me Max.

She needs you as a model because you are such a handsome cat and you play the fiddle so well too. Good that you have your own blog too. I hope it won't get in the way of your sleeping.

The Tower Hill Mob said...

Lovely blogs all. I'm adding the new ones to my favorites list.

kiwirach said...

i read the bear story today for the 1st time with a couple of 3yrs who loved it, and i sat there thinking....i'm sure this Jackie is that lucky lady with all those ginger cats that i love reading about.
a lovely story with stunning illustrations....i plan to buy a copy!.

quiltcat said...

How nice to read a bit more about Max, the Dark Mystery Cat! and great to see his pictures as well. That blog is very peculiar to navigate, but the nice material made it worth pursuing.

Oh, word verification word is "tabityx" must have known i was reading about tabby cats!

Everycat said...

It is good to see more of Max. We had a look at his blog and we note that he is very shiny. Shiny is good. Shiny is essential. His blog has strange navigation and we couldn't find a way to comment.

Whicky Wuudler
(& Jane)