Saturday, November 29, 2008


This morning we cats stayed home, curled in warm places. Outside the leaves were crisp white with lace edges of ice. While the light was still just coming in to the day She took the dogs, leaving a small blast of cold as the door swung shut, then away they walked, up from the beach towards the headland. There they saw a silver pony and the blue blue sea.

At St Davids Head they rested a while. Rosie ran circles over the close cropped green, following her nose as she read new messages. Then she lay down in the circle of stones where once an ancient house had stood. As she dozed she caught a scent from long ago, from across time, of the dogs who had rested here centuries before when there were walls and a roof and a fire burned and smoke drifted up and out to sea through a smoke hole. And she dreamed of wolves.

Then the morning light cut through the clouds, emerald sharp, and once again the dogs ran, through the circles and on to the high rocks above the silver sea.


Daisy said...

The pony next to the sea is very beautiful!

Kim said...

Oh, a magical sea horse, to go with your beautiful pictures. How special, thank you for sharing those :)

Kim x

Anonymous said...

I too, find these ancient homes redolent of past families. I think of them watching the sea, waiting for the dolphins that might indicate fish in the bay, did they have cats, I wonder? They are magical places, and I envy your proximity to them.

Karen said...

What lucky cats and dogs you are to live in such a beautiful magical place.

Anonymous said...

It's a wonder, with posts like yours, that hapless city folk aren't moving to your region in droves!