Friday, November 21, 2008

Going on

Maurice: "She's been writing on our blog."
Elmo:" Yes. So I see."
Maurice:" Goes on a bit doesn't She."


The Good Life in Virginia said...

oh you guys are too funny ^..^
better be nice to HER...she has the cat chow container at her disposal...

keep warm catkids ^..^

ChrisJ said...

I've been struggling to keep up with my blogs for a week or two and have done very little visiting, so it was a delight to come back and visit, you, your cats and dogs. Some sad thoughts from you among your last few blogs. It's hard for me to blog if I'm 'down', but I take heart from the fact that I have learned that almost all creative people have 'down' times -- even great poets, musicians, painters and writers. So I just tell myself to wait for the'up' time, because it WILL come. So little reason for me to be down for I am truly blessed.

Elizabeth said...

I admire the dog's catholic taste in edibles.
loved the story below of Bella's arrival.
We are so animal-less here in Manhattan, that I'm getting quite miserable.
There was a truck in the street today with animal needing homes.
Can't get one until we move to the country.
You blog continues to delight me.