Friday, February 1, 2008

Close encounters of the ginger kind

Walking in the early morning as the light slipped slowly into the day, before the sun had risen and the dogs were wild with the scent of foxes everywhere.

The sky changed from a washed pale gray to deep blue as we walked and far away we could see the singing waves of the sea pulling ashore on the beach. Yellow flowers of gorse shone in the bushes.

On the way home our path was blocked by the huge horned ginger beast, shaggy eared and beautiful.

On the green road home we watched as the sunlight licked over the hedgebank and played with the emerald colours of fresh leaves and the deep purple of the blackthorn trees. And all the while the crescent moon rode the blue sky, high and veiled in a silver shimmer of cloud.


Tiggie FOC said...

What a great life you guys have.
Hart caught a bird on the feeder today; it was a carolina chicadee, a tiny little thing, and he brought it inside to show Bernie. Bernie yelled, and bird got loose in the house. Blondie let out a window; she really makes me mad sometimes, you know what I mean?

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

What a beast! It looks purely prehistoric. We wish we could walk in the green. Flowers too. We had a ice storm that changed the outside into a magical new world but when it melted, so did or excitement for this winter.

We saw Her new painting of the snow dragon. Absolutely wondrous and exciting.

~Goldie and Shade

Bimbimbie said...

..... oh no! Don't tell me you had to get up close and whisper the password to that great ginger beastie.

ugh! bovine breath ... bet that brought up a fur ball or two *!*

Unknown said...

Marvelous! A close encounter indeed!