Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The silver dapples of the moon

Cold. Night time walking and the moon is so bright the shadows fall like dappled mosaic through the black bone branches of winter trees. Half of the sky is bleached by silver moonlight. In the other half the dark is pinned to the night with stars. All is hushed. The murmur of the surf a distant sea song lullaby of lazy waves.


Irish Sallygardens said...

Coming here is like picking up your favourite book ever, except this one never ends, and you never know what page is going to open.

Stars pinning the dark, what a fantastic use of words. I think I'll always remember that line. Particularly this week as a guy on the radio said there would be shooting stars every night till the weekend. Have been checking lots but seen none, have you?

We've promised the children we will wake them up and take them outside if we see any.

The Ginger Darlings said...

We see the falling stars at least once every week when the skies are clear. This time we have seen some, but most fall in August when the Perceids rain down in showers of stars.
You have to tip your head back and open your vision wide to the night to catch where they are falling, and sometimes they are the quickest flash of bright light and other times draw a lazy arc across a dark sky as they fall as if in slow motion. And as they fall they seem to sing.

Sara said...

This makes me happy. As does your comment about stars singing.

I wanted to tell you that I ordered a set of your cards today from the Musicians Fund. I saw your painting of the carnival and fell hard for it. It was so gorgeous, and as I have procrastinated on sending any cards this year, I was still in need of some. I will be proud to send these.

Now, to find your book!

ChrisJ said...

Such a wonderful description! You use words so unexpectedly, but so aptly!

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

I thought of you gingers a few nights ago. The moon was huge and shining on the snow. The yard looked as if it were a twilight lake, the moon playing in the waves. Very mesmerizing. I wondered if you were looking at the same moon, only miles away.

Paula Bowles said...

I'm just adoring the freezing foggy days lately, everything seems so squiet and peaceful and peaceful and beautiful.
Merry Christmas :o) x

Peg said...

Anoter lovely post. This is one of my favorite blogs, which of course I seem to say every time I comment. I have mostly grey cats, but one is ginger and white.