Thursday, December 6, 2007

A certain silence

We, all five of us, are not talking to her. She went away for too long. We were left here, with no fire to keep us warm and no one to come for walks and no one to feed the birds to keep us entertained. Only someone who came and went and fed us.
Even when She came back She has been too busy to walk with us. The dogs have walked on the beach and She has been carrying paintings out to the car and away all day and we don't know where and then home and working away on the computer, and each day She has taken the camera.
But this evening She has made the house warm and a fire glows in the hearth and the children sleep in warm beds and we drip and melt in comfort on the sofa, a sofa of sleeping cats. No more to huddle in cold corners. She is back, and we, we are glad.
Soon we may even talk to Her again. But we will not, no we will never, let Her know that we might have missed Her.
Just a little.


Daisy said...

Well, I am very glad she finally came back! It sounds like you had a very terrible and cold time without her.

Paula Bowles said...

Oh your trip to Paris sounds wonderful! I love the grafitti, and the Christmas tree outside the Notre Dame, and the food and wine sounds delicious - makes me want to go! (oh, and books are, in general, magical things! So a room full of illustrators/authors signing their work must be a completely fantazmagorical thing!) :o) px

Paula Bowles said...

*eeee* and your exhibition looks great!! What a perfect setting. I do like those big 'Moonjars' too, i want to wrap my arms around one. and I think they compliment your work really well!

Juliet said...

Absolutely love the Paris pics!