Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Black dog walking and the wild fox

Sunshine and gray sky. Walking with Pitta and Ffion. Black dog shines in the sunlight. The dogs picked up exciting messages and then on the rock we saw a fox, watching, keeping his distance, clear against the skyline. A wild thing.

We watched for a while and the fox watched us.

Later Pixie let Ffion carry her a little way and she chewed her fingers and kept her warm and made her smile.


Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

How exciting. I too had a meeting with a young fox a few weeks ago. We each turned a corner and were face to face about 6 feet apart. He was born this spring behind the house but I think he had forgot about me as they had moved into the woods. He was barking at me and they were worried that was a "come and eat this fluffy one" call but now they know it was a "watch out" call. Of course it was a watch out call, look at me.

Were you afraid? I would have liked a black dog with me. I wasn't really scared, well I might have peed a little bit.

tlchang said...

What wonderful cat adventures! (and so many terrific kitty photos. My single grey tabby will be jealous. Although she also has a large black dog as a companion).

Thanks for visiting my decidedly non-cat blog. :-)