Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Science of Sleep

Now She is home. She has lit a fire and the house is warm and we can sleep again knowing tat She is safe.

Last night Maurice crept into the bedroom and hid and then stretched himself out to lie beside Her, against Her back. And all night long he sang a sleeping song of purrs and chased away bad dreams. At some point She woke and found him and wrapped Her arms around him to cuddle close. And now we all forgive her.

Today is a busy day as all the paintings are hung in the exhibition space and the show opens. We have been catching mice for Her to put on cocktail sticks, refreshments for the visitors. But She said they do not want mice, that there is a restaurant there and they do not cook mouse pie.
At least we have made sure that She has had a good nights sleep.


Miz said...

Her work is beautiful, thank you for letting her share it with us.

Shammickite said...

Beautiful exhibition. You are lucky cats to have such a talented Mama.

Casey said...

I'm glad all is harmonious again in your little part of the world! And I know She is much happier now that you've all forgiven her.

Jackie Morris said...

There had to be much forgiveness on my side to for what the little furball darlings neglected to mention is that despite leaving them in the gentle care of Gayle they decided that protest was in order. So they left a trail of unmentionable deposits upstairs in the children's bedrooms, egged on by dogs who also joined in. Quite a homecoming really.
But it seems that they have forgiven me so I suppose I should forgive them.
And we have not had much time to walk since my return as I have been tangled with hanging paintings and trying to order books.
Maybe next week there will be quiet moments of cat curled peace and all will be well.

Mary Beth said...

There is something so comforting about waking to a cat stretched full length against you ...However, they do have thier ways of letting us know that they're upset:)

Irish Sallygardens said...

Some of those paintings blew me away. I didn't know you were an artist too.