Wednesday, November 28, 2007


This morning the wind up high was carding the clouds, pulling them down in feathers, and the sun painted the early morning cloud with yellow light. Over St Davids Head a rainbow hung, bright and painted.
She is gone now. She packed a bag or two and bustled around and stroked heads and then left and the dogs howled.
And She has taken the camera with Her.
And now Gayle has come to stay, and we will tell her that we need more food, that we are always allowed to sleep on the bed, that we have to walk for at least two hours a day, that fresh fish is best but frozen will do, and if she is good we will catch her a mouse and let her sleep in the bed too.
And we will wait for Her to come home.


Moonroot said...

I hope She has a good trip. And I'm sure Gayle will take care of you all. It sounds like you know exactly how to keep things running smoothly while She's away.

Jackie Morris said...

Dear Cats,
I have noted your comments re being allowed on the bed and having more food and have texted Gayle to let her know that she is to take no notice of your demands. Do please catch her a small mouse and leave it on the pillow for her. I know that she will like that. And I will try and find something nice for you in Paris, but only if you are good! But not too good!

kathyann said...

Gayle will I'm sure take good care of you all until She gets back from her trip.Just think of all the presents She will bring back for you !!!!Lets hope She has a lovely time.Be kind to Gayle and she might put in a good word for you!!!

danceswithmoths said...

sure lad im able topost now...although i read much moree than i comment right now..
loved your words on the moon.. lovely photos too..
putting you on sidebar si i dont loose you agaib ..

Libbys Blog said...

Safe journey! Cats have fun!

Unknown said...

Hi Three ginger cats. Just wanted to let you know I have included you guys in my blog list of fave blogs, I hope this is okay with you and if it isn't just let me know. Hope you are surviving without Her and that all is well in your world.

Elizabeth said...

What fun I have had catching up with all of your adventures while I, the Fishing Lady, have been away.

I hope you are having a fine time while your Lady is away, perhaps saving a mouse or two for her return. Paris is a mighty fine place to go, but never so nice as home.