Sunday, November 25, 2007

Full moon, restless spirit, unquiet dreams.

The week has been busy, many mice, days passing in painting and walking. New cups arrived and when She leaves them dotted around the house after cups of tea they look like art and not dirty washing up.
The moon has swelled to fullness and tonight the sky has a cover of cloud that smooths the moon shadows. At moments when she shines through all is bathed in the marvelous light of silver and only ginger cats glow red with colour in an otherwise monochrome world.
We know that She is going away. There is a restlessness in the house and we have filled Her head with unquiet dreams. She should not go away, we need Her here to smooth and stroke and feed and purr to us, to make the fire that is so warm, that glows so red, where dragons sleep, and we need to care for Her as only we can. She has been tired, so we have blanketed Her in the mornings with our purring ginger fur. But unquiet dreams do not persuade Her to stay.
And there have been other things happening too. Painting have come in and been stored away in the house all wrapped in bubbles. And prints too, new pictures in colours that shine. All is busy and bustle.
She will go away. But She will be back, and all will be well.


Leslie Hawes said...

Good travels!
That is a magical painting.

Jake and Bathsheba said...

She is going away? Who will take care of you and make your warm fires? Our mom left for a few days, and we are very glad to have her back home with us to tend to our needs.

Best wishes to you,

Nick Green said...

Snow leopard pads into a bar. She says, “Can I have a…” (the barman waits) “…a snowball please?”
Barman says, “So, why the long tail?”
Snow leopard says, “Because I’m a snow leopard.”
Barman says, “No, wait, I always mess this one up. I mean, why the huge pause? Huge paws, geddit? Oh dear, the moment’s been lost, hasn’t it?”
“I should say so,” replies the snow leopard.

AC said...

Great prints. Great mugs...I could do with some of house always looks as if it has a ton of mugs about the place!!!
Take care,
Alison x

Unknown said...

Such beautifully written, sweetly comic posts, and an enchanting painting, I love visiting you blog :)