Monday, June 4, 2007

Yesterday and today

The world has been eaten by cloud. All that remains is our small hamlet and the hillside. We are alone in the universe. The sea is still there. We can hear it purring on the shore.

The lane is so wet and the grasses bent low. Full of flowers. Campion and buttercup, foxglove and navelwort. No butterflies. The air is too heavy for light winged butterflies.

It was yesterday that the cloud ate the world. We did not walk. She painted all day and then settled down on the sofa with our favorite wolfie rug to watch a film. We settled on top like a ginger blanket.
There was some argument as to which film to watch. It went something like this:
Her: CasinoRoyale.
Maurice: No.
Her: Why not?
Maurice: You just want to look at Daniel Craig.
Her: Actually, darling, I want to see Venice.
Maurice: And my mother was a doberman. If you want to see Venice watch The Merchant of Venice. I am given to understand that William Shakespeare was a much better writer than Ian Fleming.
Her: We saw that last week.
Maurice: Well watch it again if you "want to see Venice". I think you missed some of the more subtle plays of language and haven't quite got your head around the treatment of anti semitism in the film.
Her: You aren't jealous are you?
Maurice:(Unpronounceable word in cat language) What you see in that man I have no idea. He looks the sort that wouldn't know what to do with a mouse if he found one in his martini glass. At least with Saun Connery there was a bit of totty in the film. That white cat was a beauty.

With that she put Casino Royale on the computer and Maurice sat around her shoulders and covered her eyes whenever he thought it necessary.


Unknown said...

heh, heh, heh. At our house we have an ongoing 'discussion' about what I might possibly see in Fred Thompson, the almost US presidential candidate. Not his politics which are not to my liking, but his looks and demeanor, which are.

Anonymous said...

You take the most amazing photographs! Of course you are fortunate enough to have lovely kitties and lovely scenery as your subjects, but do you have a special camera? Thank you for posting such beautiful photos.