Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rosie's recipes.

Today I got a fan mail letter. So excited.
'' I would love to thank the dog for the recipe for Posh Stick. In writing the recipe she gave me a recipe for Beef and Beer that I have looked for years to find. I babysat for an English lady when I was in high school and she made the most delicious beef dish I had ever tasted. The dogs recipe sounded just like it so I searched out a can of Young's Chocolate Stout and 3 pounds of stewing beef and followed the dogs recipe for Posh Stick and it was the same remarkable meal I had been looking for during the past 40 years. My family came from England in the mid 1800s and I feel as though I belong there instead of here. If you would like to send me a snail mail address that would reach you I would love to send the dog some new Posh Sticks for the coming Christmas. You would of course have to flavor them for her."
So looking forward to Christmas and think maybe I might do some more hints and tips for hungry dogs.

For the recipe, click on the link to 'Rosie's Recipes' at the bottom of this posting.
Now I, Pixie, have a contract for my new book Rosie is thinking of doing a recipe book and seeing if she can get a contract too!


Andrea said...

Rosie the posh stick licker.
Great fun.
Love stopping by to catch up on the latest ginger news & renovation updates.

blackbird said...

I read Rosie's recipe when it was still summer. I'll turn back the pages and copy it off for the coming fall nights.

Thank you Rosie.

Linda Starr said...

How wonderful to make homemade dog treats, oh wonder about cat treats too.

aromatic said...

Recipe sounds delicious... any chance my dear Rosie could share it with her other cyber canine friends!!!!! xxx

aromatic said...

Me again.. clicked on the link but still couldn't find Rosie's recipe... maybe I am doing something wrong...???? xxx

The Curious Cat said...

Wonderful! xxx

The Ginger Darlings said...

Ooops, sorry aromatic. She did bad spellin. Click on the Rosie's Recipes again and it should go there this time! Two legs! What are they like!

aromatic said...

Me again... Yippee.. its worked... thank you so much Ginger Darlings... I know what you mean about those two legs! whats that saying 'four legs are better than two'!! xxx