Monday, May 11, 2009

Painting the moon-eyed, heart-faced hushwing and his bride

So this is how it was. She had slept well and was feeling calm and rested and together we walked to the top of the hill, at first just me and Kiffer and Elmo, but Maurice was hunting by the barns and he came too. We had told Her to leave the camera behind. Just walk. Just rest.
The sun was shining and the wind was cold and it blew patterns in our ginger. Too windy to hear cuckoo call, but all around small birds flew and flowers danced.
At the top of the hill Elmo stood up, as tall as tall as he could on his very tip toes, just like a small man in a cat suit! Then in his usual style and with amazing flair he stood on his head! We could see that She wished for Her camera, so we all four gathered in a small pool of ginger and posed so beautifully, just for Her. And we sat close to Her and She stroked us and we watched the birds fly below our perch on the high rock. The cares and worries blew away on the breeze.
All too soon we headed for home. On the path back down She would look behind, one, two three, four, checking we all followed. One, two, three and four, and yes, we were all there. One, two, three and four, and She is quite good at counting, if they are small numbers. One, two, three and f.......
"Where's Elmo?"
She sauntered back up, still relaxed, calling.
No Mo.
The wind was strong so She couldn't hear him calling.
Still no Mo.
She walked down again. Maybe he had run in front, but no Mo.
And back and She waited and She called and She worried. She couldn't leave him there on the hill all day, alone. Time was passing and we could see that She was getting quite worried. No Mo anywhere in sight.
And then all of a sudden, one two, three and ..... four. There he was, wondering what all the fuss was about.
So I went to see and he had found secret tunnels that led through the gorse, and so now of course there were still one, two, three and ...
" Where's Pixie!"
At last we were all together again and back down the hill and then She bundled stuff into the car and off She went to do something called work.
We could hear Her saying, under her breath, "thanks cats. Lovely walk. And now I am late."
Nice that She took the time to say thank you.


Anonymous said...

I think it must be a gene peculiar to gingers - our Biskit used to do similar things(many years ago) and Rusty goes walkabout on nights when The Man is away.

By the way, do you write a letter to the Times when you hear the first cuckoo?

trash said...

You are lucky She is so terribly polite, aren't you?

petoskystone said...

elmo being a cat!

NAL said...

The best-laid plans...sprinkled with Ginger! LOL!

Shammickite said...

You make me smile with your antics, Gingers.

Griffin said...

Isn't it typical? Just when you DON'T have your camera they do things like that!!

Those are gorgeous barn owls. I wish I could just draw like you can... even that would make me happy.

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

I guess Elmo felt She was a bit too relaxed...

Kim said...

Such a sense of humour you little Darlings have :)

Kim x