Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Twilight walking with Elmo

It was early when She got up. The light was only just being sung into the day. Ginger shines bright even in morning twilight.

So we walked together, just me and Bella and Floss and Rosie and Her and I dipped my paw into the sweet water pool on top of the rock, to watch it ripple in morning light.

For a short while we sat to watch the world begin to wake. The air was dotted with larks and larksong, the sound of the sea and the scent of the salt.

On the way back I posed like a wild cat lion on the post by the arrow that marks the way.

Then home through the golden gorse. For She had to be somewhere, to hang something. But I , I am a cat, and I had other important business.

And dreaming.


quiltcat said...

Wonderful pictures of Elmo the Bold! the picture of him with Bella is especially touching...true friends and companions!

trash said...

For there can be no more important business.

M Dawson said...

Good to see Elmo out and about. He is the most beautiful cat. I just want to kidnap him and give him a hug!

Jennifer Rose said...

sleep well :)

gorgeous photos

ERIN said...

elmo your walking adventure was lovely ^..^
and you look stunning posed as the wild cat on the post!

JC said...

I love your blog. I have an orange boy named Riley who would love to walk with Elmo.

Griffin said...

Gorgeous pictures of Elmo and that one with Bella is especially lovely.

Marie said...

Oh kitty, what wonderful fur you have. I'd love to stroke you.