Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cat dreaming and the night song.

It is night and the half light of the half moon silvers puddles and pools. The wind is fierce, not cold but fierce. She blows and howls her song across the land and right on the edge of hearing she carries fox howls.
In the dark she plays with the golden gorse and dances in the lace fringed branches of the ash tree, no longer showing winter bones against the clouded sky, but clothed in new leaves.
It is night and darkness dances with the wind. Clouds sail fast across the rain bruised sky and throw their heavy cargo to the earth with a music that counters the song of the wind, the call of the foxes, the bleating of sheep and the distant dog bark.
It is night and we curl together in warm places and dream our dreams.


aromatic said...

Beautifully written...... sweet dreams my furry ones!

Judy said...

A truly lovely piece of writing, carried my mind away to places I've not been for a long time.

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Such magical worlds conjured up in those lines...thank you for the respite!
Love Miss Peach

minutepapillon said...

visiting your corner of the world and travelling on your words is always pure delight!