Monday, April 27, 2009

Rosie Posie learns new skills.

I am the puppy, and I am almost a dog. This week I learnt
1. What a rabbit smells like but not what a rabbit looks like.
2. How to jump over puddles.
3. How to chase birds.
4. That I do not have wings.
5. How to pull four slices of bacon out of the grill, when it is on, and not get my nose burnt.
I did not however, learn how not to get caught doing this and as a result lost out on the two slices remaining.


Shammickite said...

Rosie, Rosie, If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again!
But I think She will be keeping an eye on you from now on, so you may never experience the taste of bacon fresh from the grill again!

quiltcat said...

*lol* Oh Rosie, you are such a puppy! Very very clever to steal the bacon AND not singe your nose.

Buskitten said...

Haha Rosie, it's a hard life, being the baby of the household. I have just clened the car ( I know - I lead a mundane, purpose-less existence) and now there are muddy little kitten paw prints all over it! Ditto last week when I painted the outside window frames - little white paw prints everywhere!! You babies!!

Griffin said...

Oops!! You are very lucky not to singe your nose on the grill... less lucky to get singed by air around you when bacon pinched!!

NAL said...

Rosie, you are a laugh-and-a-half! What will you be into next?

petoskystone said...

keep practicing rosie!!