Monday, April 27, 2009

Absolutely Fabulous.

Halen: Well, I don't know. First all these people and then She lets the cats in and lets them walk all over Her books! Whatever next!
Pupur: Yes. Usually if the ginger ones get in the language becomes a bit choice. She seemed quite relaxed about it all. And who was that beautiful lady?
Halen: I don't know darling, but she was absolutely fabulous, don't you think!
Pupur: She went off walking with them, up the hill and over. What was that all about?

Pixie: We know. Tell you later! Now, I forget again. Was it look at the camera, or don't look at the camera?


Buskitten said...

Hmmm, I wonder who that can be?! I get the distinct feeling you're teasing us!

basicnorth said...

AB FAB! My favorite TV sit com of all time! Is that really Joanna Lumley .... Dearest Patsy!

Wow! Those Gingers must feel totally in their own element ... it is only fitting that star Celebs should come to their home to do an interview ...

I've got to know if this will be on TV in the US and if not, how can we get to see it anyway?

petoskystone said...

well, someone had to make sure that the cameras kept up!!