Saturday, January 10, 2009

This is how we spend our days

In the light of an early morning, when night time was reluctant to allow the day to start, we walked up the hill, past Mr Griffith's house where a light shone out of the tiny window.

The wind was rising, and there were snipe and curlew and lapwing and bright pheasants like flames. Beneath the music of the wind we thought we could hear the wind cat calling, but maybe it was just the buzzard mewing.

In a field we found tiny ponies, hair all blown about, hooves so small, almost as small as a cats paw.

At home She stirred up the fire and took out the ashes and fed more fuel into it and the sleeping dragon there began to glow again and send out warmth. We rested by the fire while She went into Her studio to scribble and scrawl and colour things in and watch the bright birds dance outside Her window.

Rosie wanted to share Kiffer's chair.

Martha, being the oldest and wisest, took up residence above the fire.


meemsnyc said...

What adorable Ponies. We have never seen a pony in real life before. Adorable.

Griffin said...

They look lovely ponies. I love that picture of Mr Griffiths house with the one light on and pixie pausing.

Kiffer is a tough cat so I don't think he'll be sharing that chair with Rosie who will only want to eat it eventually anyway!

Martha is clearly the wise one. A warm spot and a glass of wine and the bottle at the end of the mantelpiece. Very wise.

billie said...

Oh my gosh - those ponies are wonderful! As are all the photos - thanks for sharing your day.