Sunday, January 4, 2009

Quiet soul, peaceful night

Half a moon rides in a sky silvered with moonlight and starlight. The dark hills edge the landscape with beautiful silhouette. No dog bark breaks the peace, no bell from cathedral, no bird wing or call. The merest breath of breeze disturbs the sleeping leaves. Moonshadows mosaic patterns beneath the winter tree. Cold frost gives way to rain like silk splinters and the ground softens in thaw.


The W.O.W. factor! said...

Oh my goodness! Thank you for the visit so that I could find YOU! I love your words! And what a wonderful furry family you have! I love that picture of the cat in the tree!
Have a wonderful week Jackie!

Anonymous said...

How truly peaceful that sounds to me.Oh how I miss the rain.Our ground is covered in 4 feet of snow, river frozen for months yet to come.You really make my day to read your magical words.Thank you

Morning's Minion said...

After four days and nights of battering wind, darkness came quietly on Friday evening and with it, snow. It is cold today but the sun has returned. I have to find a new place to hang bird feeders--the poor old tree that held them, gave up to the gales. The cats have let me know that bird-watching is wonderful stimulation for the minds of cossetted house cats.
For more indoor recreation I have passed out three new fuzzy mice--yellow, red, blue.

Anonymous said...

As I read this, I suddenly imagined Bernard Hill quietly intoning it in a King Theoden soliloquy. Then I wasn't sure; the passage almost begs not to be spoken, in order not to break the silence.
In other words: awesome writing!!!