Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ginger Cats and Church Mice

Away She went again with Her little bag all packed, leaving us alone and the dogs in prison. And while She was away we were invited to an exhibition of special paintings. In London, which is far far away there is a gallery, and in the gallery there will be paintings from The Church Mouse, by Graham Oakley who can write and draw. The star of his books is a ginger cat.
The exhibition is at The Illustration Cupboard, 16-30 September, and there will be signed copies of the book for sale.
We were pleased to get our invitation with the beautiful ginger, though Kiffer didn't seem too impressed, but then he was concentrating on sleepology.


Anonymous said...

I have long loved Graham Oakley's illustrations.

Griffin said...

Sleepology is a very important subject to study. Along with Dreamology.

I like Graham Oakley's pictures too. So many illustrators with so much talent and imagination... s'marvellous. I still look at illustrations and wish I could draw and paint like that.