Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The silver world of night

Around the moon the sky is coloured like a blackbird's egg, pale silver blue. Across the sky the moon reflects off cloud that is silver tabby striped. Between St Davids and home thin fog hangs, light in the air and scenting the night. The only dark is when the aerymice black out the stars with their fast flight. It is a night for the moonshadow cats to prowl, stepping out paw for paw with us into a silver world, to hunt.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

And my bedroom floor looks like frost.

Griffin said...

Happy belated birthday Jackie! Hope you had a wonderful day. Just realised when I was looking at your journal.

For some reason I have noticed a few blogsters noticing the silver world of night - Selene's world.

As usual, your writing is beautifully evocative. I love the 'aerymice'! Had one of them in our living room one evening and it was utterly charming.

Estorbo said...

Ees byoodeefull!

I wan' to chew an aerymouze.