Monday, April 7, 2008

The land of green ginger

In the greenwood sunlight and shadow paint dark tiger stripes on red fur and I become dappled beauty.


DK & The Fluffies said...

We'd have to agree!

ChrisJ said...

Another wonderful and unique photo! You have such talent. You had to have 'inner eyes' to see this photo before you took it.

Elizabeth said...

Dear Ginger Darlings
As fellow felines, you will understand our dilemma.
Our horrible humans have now been gone for two months though Ismail assures us they will return on Sunday.
What could there possibly be to keep them away from us in such a neglectful manner?
We hear via the animal grapevine that they have been hanging out with a mutt called Joba which makes us wild with fury but instead we will keep a distance when we return.
Marrakech is getting very hot.
We will write again from there.

The Ginger Darlings said...

Dear Mimi and Ollie,
We know how you feel. She is no sooner back than She plans to be going away again! It seems that She is off to a place called Sweden to see where the paper comes from that make her books. And to Scotland too. We have even heard rumours that She is coming to visit you!
Make sure you give those people the cold shoulder and the cat claw! How could they leave you for so long!
With love from the slightly worried Gingers

Unknown said...

I want to be a ginger cat and go on exciting rambles like these.

Tara said...

How does your She manage these amazing and totally magical photos?
Your adventures inspire felines and humans alike!