Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Dream for a caged cat

A fresh day. Cat claw moon hangs in clear sky, whisker white. We have slept for days and with the help of Martha we have made a spell of dreaming. Cats around the world have joined to build the power of the spell and so we send out the dream to Taj and to all caged cats.

Inside your cage, warm and well fed, curl up and dream with us. The walls that bind you fall away in sleep. See through the bars to the spaces in between and come with us as we walk. See through the bars and they can no more hold you than a tree can hold an autumn leaf that longs to ride the wind.
Slip through the spaces in between and back through time to a land where the night would ring with the song of cat call, wild through the mountains, and the shepherds on their high hills would move closer to their fires.

Slip through the bars and back through time and follow the path of the wild wolf's paws and into the forest where the sunlight turns the trees shadows to bars across the snow. In high mountains look down on the flight of birds. Stretch high and pull claws down the dark bark of a rough tree to mark this place as the place of cats.

Leap from rock to rock and flow over the landscape and glory in the liquid movement of cat. The land belongs to you. The day is for sleeping. The gloaming twilight is for hunting. The stars are your lamps and the moon is the symbol of your power. Catch the light of the moon in your eye.

Dream. For in dreams we can all be free.


Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

Wonderful dream! I bet that will help other caged animals in the world too.

Daisy said...

That even made me feel the call of the wild.

dinahmow said...


Mary Beth said...

For my four who are caged, and will not be freed since there are too many large, mechanical vehicles around, let them dream! And some are sure they are much larger than in real life!

Boy said...

It's a good dweam!

Marie said...

Happy New year Ginger Darlings and thank you for your beautiful blog.