Friday, November 16, 2007

Even after...

..all the lifetimes we have lived, each of us through our nine lives, that stretch from the ancient days of Egypt until now, even until now, we still marvel each night when we walk out from the house and into the night.
We marvel at the night sky, at the river of stars that runs across dividing one side from another. We marvel at the endless infinity of lights, at the calm and quiet that comes again and again after a storm, and most of all we marvel at our own small and radiant insignificance in the depth of the wide multiverse.

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Unknown said...

What an absolutely beautiful blog. You write beautifully and I have to say I share your passion for cats. I have a gorgeous Afghan cat called Florence, who is now living with my mother in the heart of the peaceful Wilshire countryside, far from the marauding and fearless tomcats from Kabul, who used to terrorise her.
I adore the photo of your cat next to that wonderful, rather hairy cow.