Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fireside chat

Max: Warm. Good. She should be sitting here.
Maurice: She's busy. I think She has been surprised by the amount of books She has shifted from the Woollen Mill. And She's colouring in, a sheep or something. Not enough cat pictures.
Max: There are cats at the Mill, I am told. Working cats. In the day they lounge around in boxes, but at night they prowl and stalk around the weaving looms snicking and snacking on foolish mice.
Warp, Weft and Bobbin. They are working cats.  But all day they sleep, although sometimes Bobbin sits on high beams and supervises the building work.
There is a new room being renovated to make more shop and tea room space and She is hoping there will be wall space for paintings.
Maurice: So, it's in a few days time, and there's still time for cats to get their owners to buy a book, though why they would want to win a drawing of a bear I can't imagine, and they can find links to the Mill below or here . And do you think after that She will have time to sit with us?
Max: Probably not, because She is a foolish creature too busy for Her own good.
Maurice: Can you see tigers playing in the flickering flames. 


Unknown said...

I love it! :) These are so the discussions that the "fur kids" have in my mind... ~Moags

Morning's Minion said...

I often imagine that I can interpret my cats' conversations---they are such knowing creatures.