Sunday, November 7, 2010

Eavesdropping. Elmo tells Max a secret or two.

Ssshh..... come close. I will tell you some secrets in whispered cat words. 
She has been painting cheetahs and cherries again when She should have been working on something else.


And, sshhhh... She is having a book launch for The Ice Bear, in Solva Woollen Mill in Middlemill, Pembrokeshire on 27th November, from 5 pm. There are cats in the mill. During the evening every book that is sold will come with a raffle ticket and at the end of the evening a winning ticket will be pulled from a hat and the winner will take home the drawing below. Sadly it is only a drawing of a bear, not of a cat, but it is quite a nice drawing despite that, in pencil, on board. And to make things fair to our friends who live a long long way away any book bought from the mill's online store will also come with a raffle ticket and the buyers details will also be put into the draw on the evening of 27th. One book, one ticket. All the books at the mill are signed and the offer applies to all the titles, not just The Ice Bear.

And, this is not a secret so we can shout it loud and proud, Tell Me a Dragon has been nominated for the CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal, and we are proud because we helped her to paint the dragons with their cat's eyes and cat's claws and elegant feline grace.


Terra said...

You gingers are rightly proud of playing your part as models for the eyes, claws and grace of the dragons.

Lyn said...

They remind me of Yin-Yang in the top two photos!

Griffin said...

As usual, utterly beautiful cats and utterly beautiful drawing.

I hope it all goes well... for the cats at the mill too!

Ann said...

a great secret-let's pass it on-congratulations!!!!!

WOL said...

We are not as snuggly a bunch as you are. I wouldn't mind snuggling, but those other two are always taking advantage to get in a nip or two when my guard is down. If I want to do any serious sleeping I have to go off by myself.
(the white one)

Helen said...

Congrats on Tell Me A Dragon nomination, I'm sure it was all the cat's doing. Beautiful pictures of them curled together.

annie said...

Congratulations about TELL ME A DRAGON, Jackie.

And I do love this blog. It's been giving me great joy, now, since I found it several years ago.


Lydia said...

Such a magical thing it is to eavesdrop in on this cat chat. Your cats always have the most marvelous things to tell. Congratulations on the Medal, and best wishes for a great book launch for the Ice Bear. You may not be aware of this particular ad campaign but I thought you would like the ad featuring the polar bear.

Lilou the frog said...

Times to times I come back here and scroll down all the pics I've missed since my last visit :) It's always the same pleasure, the same feeling of peace and harmony between people, animals and nature. Thanks for sharing !
Bonne journée, des bises de France !

Usagi said...

your cat is very beautiful, a like their coat pattern

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

We are just getting caught up! How exciting, a juicy secret. The PM was going to get the book when it was released over here but maybe she will get one from the Mill online. Hmmm...

She was going to send it to Her to get it signed but these are already signed so it would be easier.

Now the wheels are turning.