Friday, December 18, 2009

The North Wind Doth Blow.

Tonight the north wind is a cat claw wind scratching cold into the soul but even so Maurice insists on walking with Her through the dark.
Cold stars shine down in a deep darkness as the sliver of new moon, silver in the blue of early night has already run off to chase the sun.
The dogs bark, noisy, at a person out too late and across the fields Fred joins them. Others follow in an angry chorus. But Maurice walks quietly and surely on.
The night belongs to him.
Inside we all curl by the amber bright burning warm and we wonder, will we have snow?


Alistair said...

blow gentle, north wind.


BumbleVee said...

Maurice, the intrepid....

Geiger and Sporran said...

Dear Maurice! Sometimes, we do like vets!

ChrisJ said...

I guess everyone is busy getting ready for Christmas. Snow is pretty at Christmas, but places I have lived where there was snow, it came in December and we never saw the ground again until April! Too much! Glad the Ginger Ones have a nice warm house to curl up in.

jodi said...

It is snowing here in Virginia. 1-2 feet expected. We rarely get snow like this and life stops when we get an inch or two on the roadways.

Unknown said...

Isn't a wild night fine, when it is outside, and you are in? Stay warm and cozy.

Griffin said...

The North Wind doth Blow
And will we have Snow,
Upon the hills where
the high wide empty sky
Is met with a cat's stare
And Her wondering sigh?

Pad-prowling Maurice fair,
With Her for company,
Sniffing the cold air
For the snow's tyranny

Knowing the warmth of a fire
With Her at his side
Will defy the cold storm's ire
And the snow's silent glide.

For Her warmth and her love
Will meet his clan's own
In the red house of Love
Where all are at Home.

Then blow North Wind if you will
In the Red House of Love all is warm and still.

Good season to you all.