Saturday, December 12, 2009


She: Is it possible do you think to love a cat too much?
At the vets yesterday I was saying that Maurice was one of those 'once in a lifetime animals". All are special but some just make that connection between their world and ours, so strong.
"How is Pixie?" the vet's nurse asked.
" Ah yes, well, she is another one of those once in a lifetime ones".
I am blessed by living with such lovely animals.
But I do wish whoever it is who is weeing outside my door every night would stop it!
Pixie: Wasn't me!
Maurice: Wasn't me!
Elmo: Wasn't me!
Kiffer: What?
Martha: Well really!
Max: Wasn't me. Was Hannah!


Angie said...

We have 18 and atleast 10 ... or so ... are 'once in a life time' cats the last couple we have had to say goodbye to. Every single one has something special about them and I get REALLY upset when some one says they are just cats ...or how do you tell them apart.
As for peeing out side the door anyone annoyed that they cant come in ...or jealous that they are not being cuddled.
I have one or two that have accidents and one or two that have had a brain by-pass when it comes to using the tray but one lady uses the bath if she thinks it needs cleaning ...even if it was changed a few hours ago and another chap who pees by the back door if I dont respond to his cry to exit ....imeadiately ...even though a tray is just there.
Hoh Hum ...thats the life of a cat lady lol

dinahmow said...

I read the journal note about Maurice and my heart sank.
But this cheers me.
Poor Hannah, to be blamed by a kangaroo court!
(Some white vinegar , applied as soon as possible to the spot, should alleviate the cat pee smell.)

Lydia said...

My once-in-a-lifetime ginger&white cat died three years ago this month. I kept a journal of his last months and read some of it out loud to my husband a few nights ago. Surprising tears began to form in my eyes, then to fall and drop onto the page, then to blur the words on the page completely. Bleecker continues to bless me with a depth of feeling like none other. I will love him until the day I die.

Lyn said...

As you say all are special in their own way but some have that special connection.
Wasnn't me either!


The Ginger Darlings said...

Martha: I think it was Lyn. I saw her do it!

Karen L R said...

I've always had a cat/s. And some very fine ones. But my Henry takes the cake. He's 11, and is the best cat ever. (Although, we do think you gingers and Don Estorbo in NYC are quite extraordinary, too). Henry and I take a few minutes everyday to send good thoughts across the ocean, especially to Maurice. xoxox

Liz C said...

I thought I loved all our cats equally until we bottle raised a three week old kitten who is the first cat we've ever allowed to stay in our bedroom overnight. She is sooo spoilt but cute!

*~tabby~* crooked heart art said...

love your blog-
spread used coffee grounds were the cats are weeing-that stops them :)
i have an un-neutered male in the neighborhood who liked my front door until i started using the coffee grounds
it stops them from using your garden as a littler box too :)
and yes i think we can love a cat too much i lost my 10 year old orange tabby in june
there will never be another like him -my heart still hurts-it always will..
thank you so very much for sharing your wonderful part of the world
tabby :D

Morning's Minion said...

I remember each of our cats for their specialness, but there have been those who were/are such close companions that they seem almost able to converse with us. It is a huge sorrow when a little life is ended, and some of them before-time, which is worse.
We send loving thoughts.
Yes, peeing in odd places is very naughty!

Griffin said...

Hannah is innocent - free the Human one! I reckon it was Elmo, he's proved he's especially good at being naughty before!

For some reason the verification word is 'whiff', which is highly suspicious... it could be Macavity, the master of depravity.

Ann said...

And they all say this with such innocence in their eyes!!!!-Angie

Kitikata-san said...

I want to give back to the humans I live with, as they give me so much. All I have is fur, pee and poo. I give them all that I have everyday.

Anonymous said...

Hi ,, its me Laurie from Canada, and I also have been fortunate to have had many felines call me friends.I really do believe one never owns a cat we are just lucky to share the same home.The love between a cat and a human is so very strong and far reaches the heart,, it touches the very soul.As for the weeing prob our kitties use the great outdoors for there commode as we live in a very isolated area but I agree with the jealous or feeling left out bit.But again best ask the cat

catbird said...

No, it is not possible to love a cat (or other critter) too much. I can't understand people who are unable to give their heart to an animal.

I had my once-in-a-lifetime cat for nearly 18 years. It was love at first sight for both of us when I got her as an 8 week old kitten. We had a very intense relationship which I'd never had with any of the other animals in my life and I have had many! She died 5 years ago and I'm just finally to the point of thinking about inviting new cats into my life. (I'm very needy; I pet every cat I see! :-)

I thank you for this blog. It helps feed my cat neediness and has encouraged me to think about getting new ones. However, the blog also reminds me of the problems, too, and the messes and the destruction and the other bad things which I do not miss!

Maurice's illness deeply saddens me. He's so young. I know, however, that if his time here is to be short, he has had the best life possible with Her.

I've often told friends that if reincarnation exists I'd like to come back as one of my cats because they had such wonderful lives. I would amend that include coming back as one of Jackie Morris's cats as well!

Deb Morse said...

Ah, Jacks. I have been blessed by a few 'once in a life time cats'.

And do you know what I have learned?

When the time comes for them to pass. If you can. And if it's right. Whisper "come back to me" in their ears as you sing them to sleep.

And they will.

It will not be immediate; they have to run in the fields of the spirit realm for a bit to shake off the detritus of life incarnate.

But you will recognize them when they return. It took my old jet black Bubbie Cat ten years, and he showed up as clear as can be in a ginger form.

The personality survives death. It can return, all things permitting and proper and right for it.