Monday, September 28, 2009

Night and day

When the light of day still held the balance against the dark of night the white gold moon shone against the pale blue sky, wrapped clouds blushed pink by the setting sun.
Now in the stillness of dark only the memory of daylight remains. Across the fields badgers tumble and yicker, wild mischief in the thornwood.


jamjar said...

beautiful night tales

Alistair said...

Hullo Gingers,
You guys need to have a word with your Two Legs. We think she may be putting stuff in your food and we're talking about mind altering stuff here, not any kind of oily supplements for your coat or to keep the nippy things away.

You might want to look out for other strange behaviour too like stroking dogs and odd fixations about auld shoes.

You should be posting nice stuff about chasing birds an mice and scratching fur- niture or hunting builders and yon journey-list thingy.
Watch them badgers too, they can be right nasty at times and they drink like fish. All that running round the country at night is a dead giveaway. They are right into smug druggling.

lotsa luv......Jess n Bailey.

Bovey Belle said...

beautiful. What an onomatopoeic word Yicker is . . .

Andrea said...

Thank you again for sharing your gift. I'm taken to a place I know not but holds yet me close.