Saturday, June 6, 2009

The thief of shadows

Almost night and as we walk the bounds of the village we find that we are at the time of perfect balance, caught between day and night so that even though the moon is bright there are no shadows. Or maybe it is because the shadow thief has taken them all to the shadow lands where he holds them all prisoner forever in the light.
There is no colour in the world but darkness and silver. The ocean of air is filled with cloud and the wind has swung around to the north. The air is scented heavy with flowers.
Maybe the shadows will escape and be back with us tomorrow.


Lydia said...

So beautifully written. Paints a vivid mental picture for me of the blue hour.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Perhaps you could sew the shadows back on, as Wendy did for Peter.

Val said...

A nice idea for the mind to play with..."a shadow thief"

here we have little night time for rest now... it is summer and the Sun rules for almost twenty two hours...we saw a porcupine strolling in the daylight can you be nocturnal when there is so little night?

trash said...

I love the word for that time of day, it is almost onomatpaeic -'crepuscular'. Good, huh?