Monday, June 8, 2009

Silver gold and glorious

... and so, as we stepped into the garden we were awe struck by the golden orb of moon that rose into an azure sky and lit the remains of the day and the dimmity darkness of the scented twilight land.
Each night the light of day hangs a little longer in the air. Each full moon is beautiful, but this has clothed itself in an imitation of sunlight. Glorious.


jamjar said...

beautiful words from golden cats.

Shammickite said...

Summer.... bright lovliness.

peggylenox said...

I'm so happy to have discovered this lovely site. I love, best of all, ginger cats. We presently have only lovely dark tabbies, Hazel, Hansel and Beanie, but hope for a ginger one again one day soon.

Also, my mother parents came from Wales, so I'm half Welsh and love seeing the beautiful pictures of "my country" (I identify much more with my Welsh half than the English/Irish/German half!)

Thanks so much for sharing, peggy from lenox

Anonymous said...

Beautiful words, indeed.
And if the Gingers would like to pop across to my blog (well, Rusty thinks it's HIS blog!) I have some gingers, too!

Rumela said...

Those are beautiful words, indeed! My kids and I have been studying your post. its really good. thank you for shearing your post.