Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A fearful day.

Elmo did not come for supper last night.
Elmo did not come for breakfast this morning.
So, when Elmo did not come for supper again this evening She got very worried.
First call, to see Mr Griffiths. He had said that Nadolig had been away for a few days and sometimes the we take it in turns to stay with him and keep him company.
Glyn was well, enjoying the sunshine, but no, he had not seen a ginger for a few days.
So, with fearful heart She went off to look. She called, and She called, and peered in through a gap in the door of a shed. No sign.
And then She heard it.
She looked around.
No cat.
From inside the shed, the biggest big shed, the call came.
So now She has gone to get Nick or Hannah, to the farm where Fred lives, to get the key to open the door, to let Elmo out. And we are glad, because Elmo will only be hungry when he comes out, and he will still be ginger and beautiful, though a little bit dusty.

An hour later with key in hand and Elmo yowling like an opera singing cat on the other side She opened the door and out he came.

He told Max he had followed a butterfly in there.
He told Maurice he was chased by a monster.
He told Kiffer that a sheep had called to him and when he went inside had shut the door on him.
He told Martha that he was chasing a mouse that ran in.
And he told me that he had wandered in out of Curiosity and then got scared when the farmer came and hid until he went away and then found that the door had disappeared.
And I told him he was lucky, because we all know about Curiosity and what it did to the cat.
But we are all glad to have him back.
Naughty Elmo.


verobirdie said...

So happy you found him!
I hope he will tell us how he arrived in this building!

blackbird said...

I'm so happy that you found Elmo- he will probably be complaining that you didn't find him sooner. And that he wasn't lost because he knew where he was the whole time.

I love reading and seeing the tales of the gingers. All of my cats have been black which has its own mystery.

Jon M said...

So glad Elmo is safe, I was beginning to worry as I read that. My feline friend Sophie once became trapped in a neighbour's garage and knocked a can of paint all over his rather posh vintage sports cars. She thought he ought to be more careful with his locks and dorrs and such.

quiltcat said...

whew!! i've had that anxiety a few more times than i care to remember. One time, a neighbor's cat got locked into my garage by my landlord, and my very smart Babka let me know that he was in there. What a relief that you found Elmo and he will just be hungry and thirsty (and a bit dusty).

Lyn said...

Oh poor Elmo! but this is what you cats do!

Daisy said...

Oh Elmo, what a terrible fright you gave us! Please do not ever do that again!

I am very glad you are Safe.

Moonroot said...

So glad he's OK!

Griffin said...

Kooky Kat! Lovely picture of him and Max tho'!

Cat with a Garden said...

Ohyes, curiosity and the cat. Glad Elmo escaped this time!

Unknown said...

Oh lord-it's everyone's worst nightmare - you ty to tell yourself everything is fine but you KNOW it's not fine; if it was they would be home. Sooooo glad it turned out well, Jill

Kim said...

Oh poor, poor Elmo. I hope you are feeling better now and have a belly full of yummy food.

Kim x

M Dawson said...

Revisiting some of my worst cat moment with this post. Lost cats, lovely cats, gone cats.

One didn't come back to my and my cat friends and that still hurts today.

Thank goodness you found Elmo again - I am sure you felt like hugging him into small, NO, tony little bits!!!

Casey said...

I'm so glad to hear that Elmo is safe!

Ikaika said...

We are so happy that Elmo has been found. He will have much to say about it in the days to come for sure. We have had two of our kitties locked in a shed for four days!! We felt so bad when we found them, and now if one goes missing, we search even the most unlikely places, even when we think they can't possibly have gotten in.

'Kaika and his mom

Anonymous said...

Lucky Elmo! Last night, Naughty Rusty disappeared and would not come in when called.He was on the door mat at 5am.
(And he says that the concrete- in- the -carport- was nice- and -warm- at- first- and- when- it- got- cold -he -slept- on -the- covers- on -Peter's -Mustang!)

Erin said...

oh my goodness...can't imagine how worried you were...so happy that ELMO is found and back where he belongs ^..^
happiness for all including us ginger watchers.

Jennifer Rose said...

glad you found him! :D

Linda Navroth said...

I knew a cat that lived in Washington with my parents; Smudgie was her name. She wandered off one day and did not return> They looked and called for days on end but could not find her. Then she magically showed up one day a month later--skinny and weak--and we guessed that she had gotten locked in somewhere. You were lucky, Elmo, that your Person came to look for you and was able to find you so fast!

Stacy Hurt said...

"Opera singing cat" I'll BET! Good thing you found the wanderer! Good news indeed

NAL said...

Oh! What a scary time! So glad all turned out well!

Buskitten said...

Elmo! Don't you boys know the worry it causes us when you disappear! I had a stresful night on Sunday when Precious din't come home till nearly 4am! I lay awake worrying until then, and was fit for nothing the next day - he is big and ginger too!

Cheyenne -Millie said...

Glad that Elmo wasn't lost permanently!

Rebecca said...

My indoor cats will become outdoor cats after we move in a few weeks - this scenario is a recurring nightmare. So glad he was found.

petoskystone said...

to paraphrase "the munsters": curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him/her back!

Celia Hart said...

Oh dear me! I'm so glad you're safe now Elmo. My little tabby sister is so curious she's always getting shut in places she shouldn't be!

When I'm awake - I purr; when I'm asleep - I snore. That way she knows I'm here ;-)

The ginger studio assistant

Harriet said...

I remember when I was looking after three of my neighbours cats. Didn't see one of them the first night, and the second night I went looking. He had been shut in a bedroom by mistake and was very cross!

tim relf said...

It's huge relief when they come back.
I wish I could attach some sort of tracking device to my cats, so I could chart their movements.
I'd be fascinated to know - during their wandering spells - how far they get. Knowing Parsley and Nutmeg, they probably are simply sitting behind the shed for hours on end!

Morning's Minion said...

We have indoor cats now for safety's sake. They disappear frequently into closets and cupboards and yell loudly when they have been confined long enough. During the many years when cats were free to go out in the big world, we had a few lost cats--some lived to come home, some were so sadly found flattened in the road--the disappearance of several remains a painful mystery after all the years.
It would be nice to think that Elmo is chastened by his experience and would never again worry his People and his companions--but Elmo will undoubtedly continue to think like a cat--albeit a very remarkable one.

Erin said...

glad you were found ^..^

Shammickite said...

I'm very happy that She found you and that you came home safe and sound to the other gingers, Elmo. Once I was looking after KeeweeKat next door, and he didn't come home all night, but he was there ready for his breakfast in the morning, thank goodness.

rachel said...

Ah, the secret life of cats! All part of their complete and utter charm.

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

Oh Elmo! That sounds dreadful!! I am curious about those sheep now. Were you harrassing a new lamb? I knew those ewes had a mean streak.

Purrs Goldie

Estorbo said...

Ah, si, thees has happen to me, too. The yoomans they go crazee. I was een abandon' house een Brookleen and the Wooman had to clime down fire escabe to rescue me.

I hope you ged thad sheep bag, man!