Saturday, August 16, 2008


It was a cold day outside. All of the butterflies were taking shelter in dark places, waiting for the sun the shine. Weary bees struggled to collect damp, heavy pollen from disheveled flowers. The birds were silent, shocked. It seemed that someone had stolen the summer.

Inside the house Kiffer had decided to try an experiment. If he licked hard enough he thought maybe Rosie would be ginger underneath.

So he licked and licked until it began to tickle so much and Rosie began to wriggle.

Meanwhile in another part of the house Max was thinking it was time to exercise some mind control over the woman. The place was so full of clutter there was barely room for a cat to sleep.


Griffin said...

Keep cleaning Kiffer, there must be some ginger there somewhere!

Love the picture of Max. And that is a lovely painting behind him too... is that Hannah as a kid?

The Ginger Darlings said...

The painting is from The Snow Leopard and is of The Child in the leopard book sleeping and dreaming and listening to the spell song of the magical leopard cat.

Daisy said...

I think there is a little bit of ginger in all of us!

Nomi said...

Keep licking. The ginger is there somewhere !

Anonymous said...

Geiger & Sporran say: Rusty thought perhaps we had ginger undervests, butwhen he tried to lick off our black coats we scuttled away.
Some things are not meant to be ginger!

Griffin said...

The Child asleep reminded me of the photo of Hannah asleep with Elmo (I think) curled up next to her. Nothing quite like snoozing with a cat at your side.

The spell song of the Magical leopard cat must be quite something to hear. I will definitely have to get that book.