Thursday, October 18, 2007

Collective nouns.

A murder of crows,
A cast of hawks,
A charm of finches,
A fleet of ships,
A pride of lions,
A leap of leopards,
A parliament of owls,
A rhyme of poets,

A curl of cats.

A meme, collective nouns for a group of cats. In the morning we are a hunger of cats, a threading ginger river of cats, mewling for food from the long night with only the odd mouse to nibble. Then we become a curl of cats, a contentment of cats, a sleeping pile of happiness.

And we tag, a woman who paints mice.
A woman who makes mice.
A man who knows much about the behaviour of cats
(He has a wonderful poem about cats on his blog, called If, well worth a look for a curious cat)
A lady with an eye for beauty and colour.
(What would be the collective noun for so much colour, a rainbow, a pleasure?)
And we tag the ever lovely Daisy, flower cat.

A confusion of memes.

1 comment:

Daisy said...

I loved those little mice the lady makes, they are so whimsical. And the poem, too! Thanks for tagging me, this should be a fun one.