Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cats and Water

Over years of writing the Cat's Blog organisations have often approached the cats to ask them to advertise. The answer has always been the same.
"We are cats. We have no pockets in which to keep money. No thanks."
But when new things have been found that are good we feel that it is time to shout about it. 

The ginger pride have always walked, spend time indoors and out, come and go at will. They have access outside to fresh spring water. They seldom drink from the dog's bowl.
It has often worried me that so many cats get kidney problems. 
So, when reading up about Bengal cats over and again people recommended water fountains for drinking. Within days of getting the kittens I realised they weren't really drinking much. I was advised that they didn't drink much when on a 'raw' diet, but decided to pay the £30 for a water fountain.
It has been brilliant. They drink from it, splash about and play with the water. 

The water fountain has a tray, a filter that will need replacing and a pump. One thing to always remember is that when you clean out the trays and put the pump back together the top tray has to fit into a hole in the top of the pump, otherwise it won't work.

The cats love to watch when the pump is switched back on. In fact they love the whole process of cleaning the water fountain.

 The pump is quiet, and should last a while. People suggest soaking in vinegar or bicarb to clear limescale. 
Now the cats often drink and the older cats also like the water fountain.
Mine is made by Cat Mate, but there are loads of other makes.

PS The weasels are stuffed and don't drink water.


Anonymous said...

Thats a fancy water fountain, I think cats like running water, ours drink from a dripping tap!Ours were poor kitties. You have some beauties , they are so elegant looking.My Dad was a fur trapper and he had a weasel live under his log trapping shack, kept the mice away, made me think of that , lovely weasels, so pretty when they turn white in winter,Happy New Year Jackie Morris, I Best wishes form Canada!!

KatBoxJanitor said...

A tip about the filter change and occasional cleanings of the bowls...since I have 2 different fountains for my house.

Make sure you check for cat hair and food crumbs and the like that may gum up the intake 'vents' on the pump. The water will get thru, but it makes the pump work harder than it needs to.

Even with the filter in place cat fur got into the reservoir. I think the girls magicked in there to make me wonder....

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

This looks great!!!!
I think I will consider about this~!!

Christopher Goff said...

Yes Laurie you are right, cats like running water. My cat also plays a lot in running water. Thats why i bought a lot of cat accessories online for my cat like water fountains, water games etc.

Debbie said...

Laughing at catboxjanitors comments... exactly what I was going to add.... although it was my domestic shorthair who shed most of the hairs that I found in the vent.

My bengal boy loved his water fountain... till he figured out how to turn the taps on himself, then the fountain became obsolete. Now I spend my time listening for the sound of a tap running so I can turn it off, because of course he turns them on - but never off !

Enjoy your babies. They are the most gorgeous, funny, adorable and frustrating animals to live with.

Judy said...

Brilliant gadget! Judy.

Unknown said...

Awww what a clever device! The cats are so inquisitive! Lovely set of photos of them, they are beautiful!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

This looks like an excellent idea. I have one cat who I believe world love this. He usually will only drink from a running faucet. :)
thank you for the information.
P.S. The kittens are so lovely.

Steven said...

hahahaha it's funny how they look at the water, love them!