Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Big Cats

Some time ago She made a book about Snow Leopards. Snow Leopards are big cats that live wild and free. Watch this film, learn more, and then get your people to vote for The Snow Leopard Trust

And here is Her reading of Her book, The Snow Leopard. If you buy it through The Snow Leopard Trust they get more money to help look after the big cats.



Lyn said...


RobynLouise said...

I've probably violated a copyright law or offended someone but this is important to me, as an animal (particularly cat) lover, so I've posted on my blog about it
I also placed a thread on my crafting forum with similar wording and without the photo.
My 4 cats approve, especially my grey striped farm 'tiger'.

med kärleksfull hand said...

Ohh, I have seen a snow leopard in real life in the zoo in Sweden, it is such a beautiful cat, with the L O N G E S T tail. (It is a zoo that takes care of red listed animals)

med kärleksfull hand said...

I have seen the snow leopard live here in Sweden in a zoo that takes care of red listed animals. It is such a beautiful cat, and has the longest tail. Love your painting of it

Mizsmudgie said...

Keep popping in but no new posts, hope all is well?!?

The Ginger Darlings said...

Wellish. Pixie isn't well and hasn't been for ages. And since Maurice died enthusiasm for the cat's blog has fallen to all time low. Three cats dying in a year is bad, and Pixie maybe not so far behind them. But Elmo still good and strong and Max hanging around in the warm. They will be back, and sometimes make guest appearances over on Her blog at http://www.jackiemorris.co.uk/blog

A Magical Whimsy said...

I have already fallen in love with your blog as I have always loved ginger cats...and then I saw the Snow Leopard book, and if ever I loved any of the Big cats the most, it is the Snow Leopard. They are so majestic and regal. And I too, saw a snow leopard at the zoo in Los Angeles years ago, and then saw him years later, an aging Cat, doomed to spend his life in a zoo. There is a cat retreat not far from where I live called 'Cat Haven' where they have endangered big cats living in a vast fenced/caged in preserve. I have not been there to visit but others of my friends say they love visiting those big Cats. My brother, Troy Howell is a writer also, living in Fredericksburg, Virginia and is also a chilrens book illustrator. His blog is 'Penchant' by Troy Howell studio.
I am going to tell him about your blog too. I just became one of your fellow followers.
Be blessed...
Teresa in California

A Magical Whimsy said...

Oh, and I must tell you, my sister has three ginger cats...she is in Massachusetts, U.S.A.
They are Zina Bean, who comes when called 'Pookie', then there is Picasso, which he answers to some other name also, and they had Quincy, but he was bit by a poisonous spider and died from the bite...poor kitty, and Bosley, all very charming cats. I visited my sister two years ago, and Picasso was having 'adjustment' problems being around people, as he was left in a basement without care, so my sister 'adopted' him. Anyway, he was never around when company came. But he sensed I loved cats, and one evening my sister and I sat on her couch watching a movie, and who should come sit on my lap the entire movie, purring his head off, but Picasso. I felt honored. And when it was time for me to leave, ten days later, my guest room was upstairs, and as my sister came up to make plans for my departure for the next morning, all three of the cats followed her upstairs, to wish me off! She said the NEVER had done that with anyone. So, I must be a cat charmer.
Just a fond remembrance of some dear cats I have met in my roamings.
I am sorry you have apparently lost three kitties this year. How lonely and sad it must be without them.
Have a lovely holiday season~
Teresa in California