Saturday, June 18, 2011


She is doing a calendar.You can find out more about it on Her blog We think it looks ok, but there are not enough cats in it.
Soon she will be making things with cats for cafe press, but until then She distracts Herself from our cat book, I am Cat, with all this calendar nonsense.
And She says that the calendar is a limited edition one, and selling fast, which surprises us given the lack of cats, but it takes all kinds we suppose.
There are special dates on the calendar like International Peace Day which is when all humans stop fighting each other for a whole day before taking up arms again ( oh the irony, what a foolish species) and also t he phases of the new and full moon.



petoskystone said...

it is odd that She feels the need to include other species when the perfected Cat is near...;)

Ms. said...

How does one who has no pay pal or credit ability pay for a calendar by check?

The Ginger Darlings said...

Perhaps they send cash, or suggest something else that they might like to send. There are always ways and She has been known to fall for the old 'magic bean' trick like her name sake, Jack. We have many a beanstalk reaching up to other lands growing in our garden and occasionaly a giant comes to visit.

Sandies' Patch said...

It looks like a very nice calendar.....although I couldn't bring myself to write on it!
Now , where did I put those magic beans....

Sandie xx

scatdespain said...

I found HER blog from yours and I tried to answer her competition on HER'S but it would not post so I am answering it on yours.
I know that the bottle contains a smile and a rub, sent from a magical cat who left for other adventures. When I open the bottle I feel the rub and then everyone sees the smile.

Halloween said...

i dunno if takes all kinds or iffen we just got all kinds.


Anonymous said...

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Phil said...

It is not really for me, and even though you can never have too many cats in a teacup I feel that the impact is lost on the wild is a shame, could've made for a nice calandar. I will however be watching out for other items in the future :)