Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kisses are in season when gorse is in bloom

Last night the moon rose red into the sky. Deep red fading to copper gold as she lifted. And when she was deep red the shadow thief stole all the moonshadows.
This morning we walked into the bright day.
On the high hill top the dogs ran wild after a red fox. He was wild and fleet fox footed and She watched as he twisted around and tricked the dogs, then up over the hill, fast on narrow paths through low thorn trees. Rosie picked up his scent and away they went again.


On top of the hill the air was still. A raven watched, a buzzard too. We rested a while in the gorse scented air and then back down again, through the rich green of the fields to the songs of skylarks.


Griffin said...

Such poetry and such lovely pictures too. Elmo looks fabulously fiery against the rocks and very comfy beside Bella.

Did you get any pictures of the fox? Occasionally, here in Leicestershire we get one in the garden first thing in the morning and they've trotted before me along the road too. They are such beautiful creatures.

...not as beautiful as cats, but still beautiful.

Suz said...

what a lovely communion

Lyn said...


Grace said...

Love the blog..I got to wrote on my "her" blog...Just wanted to say Hi from Thomas, the Ginger in Ky...have y'all bookmarked.

Anonymous said...

I've never been able to get over how happy and relaxed your dogs and cats are with each other - the best of friends. It's so lovely to see :-)

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

This is a wonderful post, it's nice to see the companionship of these sweet animals!A nice little adventure in the hills - my ginger cat would love this!

caden said...

This countryside is absolutely gorgeous. Your pets look like they're having a wonderful time together. So sweet!