Saturday, September 11, 2010

Autumn, exhibitions and a reading of bears.

Gingercat, where a cat should be, on a lap! By Amanda Popham.

For the past week or so She has been so busy, and always on the computer, on something called Facebook, Her website, another blog, that we have not been able to get out gingery paws onto the key board. And to add insult to injury She went away and left us to make an exhibition of Herself in England! She is a bad Cat's Mother.

And what have we been doing? We have been watching birds gather to fly to warm places, sitting beneath the rose bush that hangs with shining hips, following the leaves that begin to tumble from trees, for if you catch a falling leaf then you can have a wish. We have been stalking the stars in thegarden by night and seeing the moths dance in delight, hunted by bats. And we have been listening to Her reading a story about a boy and a bear.
Soon it will be time for the lighting of the first fires of winter. There is wood in the woodshed, great piles of dry logs where we sometimes sit to watch as mice run through the tunnels between logs. But for now there are still warm days with autumn sunshine and our fur which glows like flames.


geiger y sporran said...

Ah, but look at all the wonderful things you are able to do in peace! And did we see dear Maurice in the garden at Her other blog?

Miss Kitty said...


Only recently did I discovered your site and I love your combination of excellent art with felines.

I shall come back often as I wish to dig deep and make further discovers.Wishing you a wonderful weekend,
Miss Kitty

Emerald Window said...

Please be patient with Her. We need Her to be allowed to make Her magic.

Lyn said...

hang on to the autumn sun as it won't last for long!

Valerianna said...

A lovely piece of work by Amanda Popham... and how perrrrfect for you!

I had my first fall fire in the wood stove last night, all day I was cold, but holding off. Finally, when Pasha kitty came in and curled up in front of the cold hearth and stared, I got the message. Finally, I was warm. Sometimes it takes the begging of cats.

Morning's Minion said...

Autumn in the country is a wonderful time for cats. It is much better, of course, if their humans are spending much time in the garden with them.
Each catly update is cherished, as you are part of my "extended family" of felines.

WOL said...

Aw. Somebodies need a cuddle. At least your mommie isn't after you with the scissors all the time trying to cut the mats out of your fur. I fixed her, though. Woke her up too early this morning ralphing up the biggest hairball on the rug in the bedroom. hehehe!
rubs to all from Gobi.

Marion said...

The story, paintings and reading were all so beautiful. What lovely talent is shown in the Ice Bear.

Lydia said...

You may be missing her but look at the wonders she has to share with us. And you are never far from her thoughts and always in her dreams. I would bet on that!

C. Robin Janning said...

Oh, all of you wonderful ginger cats, I love you. What a lovely blog. Oh my!!

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful site, as I type my boy is on my lap after stomping on the keyboard for some attention. Seems I can't sit at the computer without him demanind I see him and pay my attentions first.
Will be visiting often too this magical place and taking a peek at the others too