Sunday, April 18, 2010

Elmo in Wonderland

Another blue sky day and time for a walk. Soft light, and She found that on the camera there was a special setting for taking pictures of cats.
At the high hill top white ponies grazed and had cleared spaces beneath dry twisted trees.

Elmo and Maurice wrestled and fought and hunted together, then Elmo discovered a tangled place and inside the thorn thicket a great pheasant bird.

Then, as if he knew that over in a far off place called England, in Suffolk, John Foley was having an exhibition called Alice, Elmo, cat most like a Cheshire cat, decided to celebrate by disappearing. One minute he was there, the next minute he was gone.
She called, She waited, She watched, She walked, then we all went to help and all disappeared for a while, which She seemed to think was very helpful. Eventually She gathered us all, except for our Cheshire Elmo and walked home. It was warm and sunny and peaceful. Elmo would be ok. But She couldn't help but worry.
After a few hours She walked back up the green lane that leads to the high hill top. HAlf way up She found Maurice, still looking for Elmo. And then as they crested the high hill top together they heard a call and a ball of ginger fire came bowling down the hill with a great wide grin of greeting.
" Where have you been? I was so worried," She said.
"Down the rabbit hole," smiled Mo.


A Brit in Tennessee said...

"we're all mad here"

Morning's Minion said...

When I had cats in a place that was almost safe to walk, they were usch fine companions. They did have a way of temporarily disappearing, then sauntering back when they were good and ready.
It is especially fine to see Maurice out and about with the others--hopefully his health is good for many years to come.

Kitikata-san said...

What was down that rabbit hole?

spacedlaw said...

Cheeky creature!

ChrisJ said...

Cute! cute! cute! So glad you found Elmo.I think you said it was Elmo--and down he came in fiery ginger -- Was that St. Elmo's fire? :)

dinahmow said...

Elmo has cat-sass in abundance, doesn't he?

luanne said...

What beautiful adventures you gingers have! Glad to see Maurice is out and about and feeling well again. But Elmo, please no more disappearing trips down the rabbit hole. Such a worry!